How to Incorporate Modern Design into your Traditional Bathroom


Today’s interior design approach embraces the combination of different eras and styles to create a unique design that is personalized to your tastes. Even if you're a traditionalist at heart, modern elements can be easily incorporated into a classic bathroom design to add interest, dimension, and breathe new life to a space. Keep reading to uncover the big and small ways you can add a modern touch to your traditional bathroom.

Geometric Design


A key element to modern design is geometric forms that add precision and sleek lines to a space. By introducing these angular lines into your bathroom, you can add a modern flair that beautifully balances old and new. The Eurocube Bathroom Collection embraces a true cube shape for an architectural appeal and stoic profile. When paired with a vintage wooden vanity, the Eurocube Wall Mount Bathroom Sink perfectly balances sleek lines with the warm charm of the vanity. Or choose the Eurocube Dual Flush Toilet for a pop of geometric form against traditional colors and finishes.




Finishes have a unique way of embodying the essence of different design styles. Matte Black in particular, like that featured in our Concetto Bathroom Collection, can easily introduce the bold contrast that modern design is renowned for. For a cohesive design with subtle modern touches, consider a traditional bathroom faucet with intricate detailing in a matte black finish to introduce both traditional and modern elements to the space. If aiming for a more subdued tone, mixing metals is also a great way to infuse a contemporary style to the space without losing the classic spirit.


Minimalist Faucets


Just like finishes can play a part in infusing a space with a particular style, the design of your fixtures can do the same. While detailed, ornate fixtures epitomize traditional design, sleek, minimalist fixtures can bring modernity to your bathroom. Faucets like GROHE’s Essence Widespread Bathroom Faucet in traditional finishes like our brass Brushed Cool Sunrise or the classic Polished Chrome incorporates an elusive touch of modern design to a traditional space. You can also use modern fixtures to contrast and compliment more traditional features. For example, consider pairing an art deco style clawfoot bathtub with a sleek and modern floor standing tub filler like GROHE’s Lineare Freestanding Tub Faucet to fuse both worlds together for interest and dimension.


Modern Water Technology


Incorporating modern design elements doesn’t only have to be achieved visually. Your bathroom can feel modern but still have a fully traditional aesthetic by adding innovative water technology to the space. GROHE prides itself on being a leader in water technology, fueling our products with the newest innovations to craft personalized comfort, rejuvenation, and relaxation in your home. Incorporate modern technology into your traditional shower design with GROHE SmartControl Shower Systems and the SmartActive Collection of shower heads and hand showers. With the ability to change your water flow, temperature, and spray functions all at the tip of your fingers, these shower fixtures are packed with unique technologies to create a customized shower experience for modern luxury.

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