ceiling mounted shower with two streams coming out

Head Showers and Side Shower Sets

Round or square? Large or small? Wall or ceiling mounted? GROHE shower heads come in all shapes and sizes to match your design and budget requirements. All designs feature GROHE DreamSpray® technology for a luxurious full spray and unbeatable showering enjoyment, while SpeedClean shower nozzles prevent the build up of limescale.

Euphoria cube shower on a grey background.

Design & Installation of your Fixed Shower Head

GROHE fixed shower heads can be used with either a wall-mounted shower arm or a ceiling-mounted shower arm. Our collections also include shower heads designed to be fixed directly to the wall or flush mounted into the ceiling.


To control the flow and temperature of your shower water you will need:

-a concealed thermostatic shower valve

  • -or a concealed shower mixer


Thermostatic shower valves and shower faucets can be found within our faucet collections.

gray shower with wall jet spray, handshower, wall controls, and wooden bench

Wall-mounted and Ceiling-mounted Shower Heads

A choice of two lengths of shower arms lets you decide how far from the wall the shower head is located – enabling you to shower in a comfortable position. Our shower arms are suitable for use with the majority of GROHE shower heads.

Fixed shower heads are perfect for a small shower area, thanks to their compact size. The angle of the shower head can be adjusted to direct the water in the most comfortable position.

If you have the space, make a statement by locating your shower head in the center of a large walk-in shower area.