1. My new GROHE kitchen faucet has a lower flow than my prior faucet. 

At GROHE, we strive to protect our planet’s resources for future generations. In order to comply with water efficiency and conservation requirements of CALGreen®, California’s Green Building Standards, all GROHE kitchen faucets have a flow rate of 1.75 gpm, and are designed to provide both water savings and superior performance

2. My kitchen faucet is flowing at a trickle.

Because GROHE faucets are engineered with ceramic disc valves for smooth, unobstructed operation, trapped debris is commonly the cause of slow flow and can be quickly cleared. For pull-out style faucets, we recommend cleaning the coupler and the check insert in the spray head. For non-pull-out models, the aerator at the end of the spout can be easily removed and rinsed. For the K7 Pro model, the check valve in the hose may need cleaning. 

kitchen faucet diagram

3. The supply lines on my faucet are not long enough to reach the angle stops. Does GROHE have extensions or longer supplies?

GROHE supply lines are a standard 3/8 to accommodate most installations. As a solution to special situations, we recommend either rigid or flexible extensions which can be purchased at most hardware store chains. 

4. Can I use the escutcheon plate with my faucet? 

A matching escutcheon plate is available for every GROHE centerset faucet, making it easy to switch from a 3-hole faucet with handles to a sleek centerset design. The escutcheon hides the unnecessary holes in an existing countertop or sink for a clean, updated look. 

5. Are your faucets lead free?

Yes, all GROHE kitchen and bathroom faucets are made from our proprietary high-quality brass alloy, created to meet and exceed all legal requirements for safe drinking water.   

6. What is the difference between thermostatic and pressure balance valves? 

These terms are often confusing so here is a simple comparison to clarify the difference. A thermostatic valve is much like the thermostat that controls the temperature in your home. Once you set the desired temperature on a thermostatic valve, the water will flow and remain constant at this temperature, regardless of a flushing toilet or running laundry. A pressure balance valve controls the hot and cold water pressure. If cold water pressure is lost, the cartridge compensates by reducing the hot water pressure to prevent scalding. 

7. For the Euphoria shower systems, which rough valve do I purchase?  

The GROHE Euphoria shower systems do not require the purchase of a rough valve. The valve is included with these systems. The installer simply runs hot and cold lines in the wall and connects them to the valve connects to them. It is an exposed thermostatic valve.

8. Which valve do I need with the Retrofit? 

The Retrofit is designed to be installed with your existing shower valve. It installs onto your shower outlet and is essentially a showerhead with a built-in diverter. If a valve hasn’t already been installed this Retrofit system can be used with any valve of your choosing.

9. How do I adjust the Touch Faucet sensitivity?       

GROHE faucets with Touch technology offer both convenience and cleanliness. To adjust the sensitivity, simply follow the step-by-step directions from the Menu. 

To access the Menu, press the Aqua Stop button for at least 20 seconds. 
The indicator light will flash once.
The last stored value will be indicated by the number of flashes. For example, if light flashes 3 times, the sensitivity is at level 3.
Each time the button is pressed, the value goes up one level.
The selected level is indicated by the number of flashes.   
If the button is not pressed again, the indicator light will flash once more and the menu will exit.
The last stored value will be saved.
The release varies depending on ambient temperature (air temperature) and air humidity.   
Touch parameter: 5 highest value, 1 lowest value
A value that is too high leads to the risk of continuous operation

10. How do I know if a faucet has a vacuum breaker?  

Vacuum breakers have not been used since 2004 and where only used on GROHE faucets with pull-out spray heads. These faucets will have a yellow Quick Coupler. You can also determine if a faucet has a vacuum breaker by locating the manufacturing date on the faucet body. If the faucet was manufactured from 1997 to 2004, it will have a vacuum breaker. 

11. How do I adjust the flow limiter on the Wexford/Parkfield?

Before adjusting the flow rate limiter, please be aware that this GROHE faucet is set at the highest flow rate from the factory. To adjust, you will need a 2.5mm Allen wrench. Remove the faucet handle and cartridge cap. Use the Allen wrench to rotate the screw counter clockwise to increase, clockwise to decrease.  

kitchen faucet diagram

12. How do I remove the flow restrictor from the brass cylinder on the Wexford/Parkfield? 

Before removing the flow restrictor, you will need a pair of pliers and a 6mm Allen wrench. Begin by disassembling the brass cylinder and unthreading the cap with the Allen wrench. Simply push out the check valve/flow restrictor to clean or leave off, if you prefer.

13. When would I need to use a Twin EI?  

GROHE pressure balance valves do not require a Twin EI as they already have a built in bypass. A Twin EI is used with a non-integrated thermostatic valve such as the GROHE Grohtherm 34331 and 34397 when a diverter tub spout is required. A Twin EII can also be used when you want three functions from a Dual function GROHE GrohFlex. See drawing in Technical attachments. 


14. What brand toilets can we use with your wall carriers?

GROHE wall carriers are compatible with all European wall-mount toilets. If there is any doubt, simply measure the bolt spread. From bolt to bolt, the measurement must be 7-1/6”.  Also measure from flush pipe of tank to waste pipe. This should be 5-5/16”.

15. My kitchen faucet has low pressure on the hot side, what could be the problem?

In most cases, this is caused by debris in the hot water line or port of the cartridge, and is easy to remedy.  

Option 1:
There is a blockage in the hot water supply. You can back flush the cold water thru the hot supply:
- Turn off the hot under the sink,
- Disconnect hot water supply from faucet
- Place bucket under hot supply hose
- Hold hand over hand spray aerator to block water
- Turn faucet on in warm water position 
- Cold should run out of hot supply and flush debris.

Option 2:
You can also turn off water under sink, remove cartridge, and push a wire thru the hot supply hose to push out the blockage.

16. Can volume control extensions be stacked on top of another?

The GROHE 45656 extensions can be stacked, however we do not recommend it as they may be unstable and wobble. 

17. My valve leaks when in the shut off position.  Do the stop valves need to be replaced?

For the GROHE GrohMix 34434, 34436 and 34458, the stop valves need to be replaced with the GROHE universal shut-off valve 0835500M. The thermostatic valve cartridges only control the temperature and have no on/off function.

18. Where are the restriction points for the Retro-fit?

The GROHE Retro-fit shower systems are equipped with a main flow restrictor in the brass nipple that feeds the water to the system.

19. My GrohFlex has a low flow. What could be the problem?

This is a simple issue to remedy as, in most cases, the inlet screens on the module have accumulated debris which is slowing the flow. Simply remove the screen from the module and clean. 

 GrohFlex Cleaning

20. Why did I suddenly lose pressure in my kitchen faucet?

GROHE kitchen faucets are engineered for lasting durability and dependable performance. A sudden loss of water pressure in a recently installed faucet is generally an accumulation of debris in the coupler or in the check valve in the spray head. In both cases, simply rinse to remove debris. In older kitchen faucets, it may be necessary to replace the coupler. 

Instructions for cleaning the check valves and/or coupler can be found on this GROHE YouTube video.  




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