The Soothing Benefits Of Rain Shower Heads

Nov 24, 2020
The ideal shower makes you feel relaxed with a clear mind like you just got home from the spa. To get this spa-like experience from your own shower, you’ll definitely need to consider owning a rainshower head. With their trendy modern aesthetic and technology, they are your best option to upgrade your daily shower and your overall bathroom design. Not only that, but they can also offer a more positive impact on your way of life and how you feel. Did you know that the temperature of your shower can also affect which benefits you reap from a good shower? Cold showers can be refreshing and soothing while hot showers help with detoxifying and relaxing. GROHE’s shower systems use TurboStat® Technology for the easiest way to oscillate between temperature settings. These showers can deliver water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second – and keeps it constant for the duration of the shower. No more time, water and energy wasted getting the temperature right for an uninterrupted stress-free shower.

Health and Wellness Rainshower Benefits

Beyond superior design and technology, rainshower heads offer quite a few wellness benefits. While it’s common knowledge that a warm shower is a great way to unwind after a long day, there are some additional benefits including muscle relaxation, decongestion, and skin detoxification. Less commonly known, are the health benefits associated with cold showers. Cold showers help soothe irritated skin, calm muscle soreness and refresh your skin and hair’s natural shine. The added benefit of the full coverage a rainshower head offers is what will make your experience perfect. The idea of using water to relieve anxiety, pain, and relieve discomfort is called hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy takes advantage of the water’s physical properties, like temperature and pressure, to stimulate blood circulation. To get the most out of hydrotherapy in your bathroom, you might consider a multi-function rainshower head. GROHE’s SmartActive and SmartConnect rainshowers offer jet spray settings to help massage tired muscles.

The Stress Relieving Powers Of Hot And Cold Rainshowers

The Pros Of Hot Rainshowers

There’s a reason why a hot shower is so relaxing after a long day or a hard workout. Combining the massaging nature of a shower with hot water increases circulation which loosens up your muscles. Increasing circulation is one of the main reasons a hot shower is so beneficial. This is what opens up your respiratory system, helping with decongestion, headache relief, and respiratory problems. The benefit of adding a rainshower head is that the full coverage keeps your whole body warm at once and creates more steam. The steam from a hot shower opens up your pores, allowing your skin to detox.

The Pros Of Cold Rainshowers

Many don’t recognize the wellness benefits that a cold shower has to offer as well. Cold showers kickstart your system and get your metabolism revved up to warm up your body under the refreshing cool water. This is great for energizing yourself in the morning, soothing skin sensitivity, easing muscle soreness, and increasing your skin and hair’s natural shine. GROHE’s Euphoria 260 rainshower gives you control over the size of your shower’s water pattern. You can use the wide, gentle rain spray pattern with cool water to soothe dry and irritated skin or you can select a smaller, more direct pattern to target sore muscles.

Rainshower Coverage and Water Pressure

Using a rainshower head for hydro-therapeutic purposes is effective because the full coverage keeps the waterfall consistent, enveloping you in the invigorating feel of rainfall. Not only will a rainshower head distribute water to provide great coverage, thanks to GROHE’s new pump technology, water pressure isn’t sacrificed in the process. The DreamSpray technology keeps water pressure up, while still providing an even, full-coverage rainfall. Additionally, GROHE’s SmartActive showerheads allow you to easily alternate between spray patterns for different pressure levels. With GROHE’s products, you get the best of both worlds in one blissful shower experience.


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