The GROHE Essence Collection of faucets, shower systems, sinks, toilets, and accessories is designed to leave a lasting impression in any bathroom space. Drawing on the same gentle U-shaped spout silhouette, you’ll find that every element of the collection, from shower head to bathroom faucet, will effortlessly combine into a stylish, cohesive, and modern aesthetic.


Essence Collections

Inspired by worldwide colour trends, evolving design, and technological advances, GROHE now offers 5 unique colour finishes across the Essence Collection, including:

hard graphite finish

Hard Graphite

The Hard Graphite finish features a dynamic, urban style and is the perfect partner for elegant settings of pure white or tone-on-tone palettes. The Hard Graphite finish blends well with mid-tone environments such as concrete and light wood.
Brushed Nickel Infinity Finish

Brushed Nickel Infinity Finish

The Brushed Nickel finish features a minimalist aesthetic and cosmopolitan design for a warm bathroom refresh. This finish is perfect for those looking for a subtle, softer style in their space.


brushed sunrise finish

Brushed Cool Sunrise

The Brushed Cool Sunrise finish is ideal for those looking to make an exquisite statement in their space, simultaneously bringing a modern, yet vintage charm to life. Brushed Cool Sunrise is versatile, with these fixtures coordinating beautifully with dark, light, and white interiors.
polished nickel finish

Polished Nickel Infinity Finish

The Polished Nickel finish provides a much more natural feel, featuring organic elements, and delivering a purity and natural warmth to a space. This slightly matte finish harmonizes well with stone, light concrete, and marble.
polished chrome finish

GROHE StarLight Chrome

The StarLight Chrome finish is shiny and bright, sure to cast your bathroom in a beautiful light. This classic, popular, and eye-catching finish blends perfectly in both warm and cool-toned spaces.

GROHE faucets are designed to look as beautiful decades on as they did the day you fell in love with them, and this is due to their long-lasting surface quality. GROHE uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver unrivaled hard and scratch resistant surfaces.
GROHE StarLight® Technology

GROHE StarLight® Technology

When it comes to developing a cohesive design strategy, it’s obvious that the choice of colour plays a vital role, however, what is sometimes overlooked in determining colour schemes is the quality of the finish. Across the spectrum of GROHE finishes, from matte to shiny, and in all colour options, GROHE StarLight® offers a made-to-last finish. The flawless, durable surface is designed to be extremely resistant to dirt and scratches, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your fixtures for years to come. 


GROHE’s high-end Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) Technology brings all of these new colour finishes to life. This PVD process plays a vital role in ensuring a beautiful and long- lasting finish, providing a surface composition that is three-times harder and ten-times more scratch resistant. Thanks to PVD, your gold and chrome stay glistening, and stainless steel and polished nickel remain scratch-free. 

Not only is GROHE passionate about bathrooms and kitchens, but they are also committed to the environment. In their efforts to reduce their ecological footprint, they ensure that there are no harmful chemicals used in the PVD technology. 

The GROHE Essence Collection has the power to transform everyday spaces into spectacular ones, complete with flawless jewel-like finishes, beautiful design, and, and cohesive fixtures that are created to last.


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