choose the finish to create your mood

Choosing the right finish is essential for designing a cohesive, harmonious space and creating your desired mood. From traditional Brushed Nickel to modern Chrome to bold Matte Black, faucet finishes reflect your personality while building depth and visual interest in a bathroom or kitchen design. Learn about GROHE’s variety of finish options to help create your perfect mood.
how to choose choose the finish for the faucet

Brushed Cool Sunrise

The Brushed Cool Sunrise finish from GROHE has warm, golden undertones and a subtle brushed texture, making an exquisite statement. It can feel modern or classic, resulting in a timeless design that will grow with your home. Brushed Cool Sunrise is extremely versatile, beautifully complementing both dark and light interiors and furnishings to craft spaces that are eclectic, luxurious and elegant.
how to choose choose the finish for the faucet

Matte Black

Bold and beautiful with a strong architectural edge, the smooth, sought-after Matte Black finish from GROHE is the perfect choice to bring sophistication and timeless modernity to a space. When incorporated into neutral bathrooms and kitchens, the dark finish adds sharp contrast, visual interest, and makes a strong and bold statement that helps draw the eye while creating depth and dimension. 
how to choose choose the finish for the faucet

Hard Graphite

Often referred to as the “new neutral”, the Hard Graphite finish from GROHE is a a cool gun-metal finish that evokes feelings of calming serenity. Its smooth, polished coating adds an aire of luxury. Hard Graphite pairs well with natural materials such as concrete, as well as lighter stone and wood surfaces for an elegantly grounded design.
how to choose choose the finish for the faucet

Starlight Chrome

StarLight Chrome is the original, trusted, tried-and-true finish from GROHE that is a classic staple for global bathroom and kitchen design. Equally traditional and neutral, GROHE’s StarLight Chrome finish is shiny and bright, perfectly complementing both warm and cool-toned spaces. StarLight Chrome is an excellent choice for sleek, minimalist designs, delivering a clean, calm, contemporary aesthetic to the space.
how to choose choose the finish for the faucet

Brushed Nickel

The transitional Brushed Nickel finish from GROHE is ideal for adding warmth to a cool cosmopolitan aesthetic. With very subtle golden undertones, the slightly matte Brushed Nickel finish is highly versatile and complements a variety of bathroom and kitchen styles, balancing well with many varieties of stone, concrete, and marble for a harmonized space. 


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