How to Turn Your Principal Bathroom into a Sanctuary

luxury bathroom sanctuary

When the days are long and tiresome, it’s a dream to come home to your own spa-like escape that will instantly put your mind at ease. Keep reading to learn GROHE’s recommendations for elevated additions and priceless upgrades that will transform your principal bathroom into a personal sanctuary.
natural wood sink counters

Incorporate Natural Wood And Greenery

When we integrate natural elements into our homes, it immediately triggers a sense of calm and relaxation. Whether it be through small decorative pieces or main fixtures and statement pieces,  incorporating natural wood finishes, neutral tones, organic textures and materials, and exotic greenery, your principal bathroom can quickly become a space of tranquility. 

If you’re looking for a quick refresh, try adding a small or large plant to the space. For those in the midst of a renovation, consider natural stone countertops and tiling or wood vanities to bring mother nature into your bathroom.
euphoria luxury shower experience

Upgrade To An Indulgent Shower Experience

A steamy hot shower has endless hydrotherapy benefits, and upgrading your shower to one that suits your needs is sure to transform your principal bathroom into a state of pure relaxation. Rainshower heads are a must-have for a luxury shower with their substantial face surface that allows for a soft but drenching spray. GROHE’s RainShower™ SmartConnect Showerhead with Remote Control is the perfect example with its 12” diameter and three spray options - the relaxing GROHE PureRain, powerful ActiveRain, or a combination of both sprays.

If you want to further indulge with a completely customized shower experience, look no further than GROHE SmartControl. Packed with innovative features, SmartControl systems such as the Euphoria SmartControl Thermostatic Shower System allow you to control the water outlet, flow, and temperature with a simple push and turn of a button. Its unique technologies like GROHE Turbostat®, which delivers water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second, create a soothing shower filled with comfort and luxury.
essence minimalist faucet and sink

Feature Sleek And Modern Fixtures

Minimalism is quintessential of a spa-like oasis. Replacing ornate detailing with simple flowing forms creates a clean design that the mind can breathe in. If you are looking to transform your principal bathroom into a modern sanctuary, sleek and minimal fixtures from GROHE’s Essence Bathroom Collection will capture the serenity you crave. The Essence Single Hole Single-Handle Bathroom Faucet boasts its smooth curves and cylindrical design for an aesthetic that balances soft lines with contemporary finishes.
light colors and finishes

Use Light Colours And Finishes

Cool, light colours such as white and light blue are scientifically proven to promote calm, freshness, and clarity in your home. Incorporating lighter colours in a principal bathroom not only helps to craft the illusion of a brighter, larger bathroom, but also invites peace and relaxation into the space. These colours can be used in paints, decor, textiles, and even fixtures. GROHE’s Essence Collection offers a wide array of finishes to complement a variety of design styles. Finishes like GROHE StarLight Chrome and Hard Graphite are cool, neutral tones which can create a cohesive colour palette that works to improve your mood and ease your mind.
wall mounted sink

Create An Airy Space With Minimal Clutter

A key tactic in turning your principal bathroom into a sanctuary is to make the room feel as large and airy as possible. For smaller spaces with limited natural light, this can prove to be difficult. But whether you have a small, dark bathroom or a large, bright one, keeping clutter and large furniture to a minimum will help to design an open space you can immediately find peace in. 

Wall-mounted fixtures like GROHE’s Essence 27” Wall Mount Sink are ideal for optimizing on space and eliminating heavy furniture from your principal bathroom. If you have a lot of clutter and personal items lying around, floating vanities are a great solution, providing generous storage while the exposed floor creates the illusion of a larger, open space.
aromatherapy bathroom set up

Allure The Senses With Aromatherapy

Smell is a powerful sense that has the ability to influence our mood and how we perceive a space. Through candles, oil diffusers, or incense, the use of natural scents (try to avoid artificial fragrances) can relax the mind and body the moment you step into your principal bathroom. Combined with the steam of a hot shower or reading a book in a deep soaking bathtub, you will feel as though you have been transported to your own private spa. 


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