Interior Design Trends: What to Watch for in 2024

Interior Design Trends: What to Watch for in 2024

It’s time to explore the new trends in interior design to inspire and transform your home’s kitchen and bathroom spaces. From spa-inspired retreats to going gold, GROHE has the year’s top styles and features for your next home renovation. Read on to learn about the luxe kitchen and bathroom trends that are on the horizon for 2024.
at home spa

At-Home Spas

Look for more from your principal bathrooms this year. When it comes to these spaces, spa features are becoming a must-have when it comes to the base functions required by a bathroom’s design. Having bathroom fixtures that provide extended moments of relaxation in your day is something GROHE is known for. The SmartActive Collection of showerheads and hand showers are an easy, yet impactful way to upgrade your home shower into a spa-like oasis. 

The Rainshower SmartActive Hand Showers will bring refreshing tranquility to your shower routine with the choice of a gentle Rain Spray, a hydrotherapy-like Jet Spray, or an  ActiveMassage Spray for a targeted, pulsating massage. Add another layer of serenity to your shower experience with the Rainshower 310 SmartActive Shower Head. Its extra large shower head provides full body coverage and choose from 2 luxurious spray settings, the relaxing GROHE PureRain or the invigorating ActiveRain. Combine both sprays for an even more soothing experience. 
beverage stations

Beverage Stations

A trend that is on the rise for 2024 is built-in beverage stations. Whether this is a coffee cabinet, cocktail bar, or smoothie zone, homeowners are looking to create these niche areas in their kitchen or basement living spaces for added function and impressive entertaining. If you are looking to adopt this trend into your next reno project, the GROHE Zedra Collection has you covered. Its innovative features and contemporary aesthetic make it a top choice that will bring both beauty and function to your kitchen. Choose from three spout designs, flared, L-shaped, or C-shaped, for either pull-down or pull-out functionality. With GROHE Zedra you can also customize your beverage station with options that include dual or triple sprays, water filtration, Touch Technology, or SmartControl innovation.
health focus


Self-care remains a primary focus throughout every day and that includes within the home. Building in functions and spaces that promote health and well-being are now necessary elements that homeowners are looking for when it comes to their daily living. A large proponent of that is natural light. It is found that ample natural light and a sense of openness greatly contributes to a person’s overall wellness. The bathroom is a beneficial place to do this to amplify the impacts of your daily shower or bath routine and start your day right. To help create an open and relaxing space, the Lineare Bath and Shower Collection features a minimal yet inviting aesthetic for understated elegance that can hold up against the natural beauty of the outdoors. 
gold finishes

Gold Finishes

Industry pros are projecting that gold fixtures and hardware are going to become the top choice throughout the home in 2024. Whether you go for satin or brushed brass finishes, gold brings an inviting warmth to a space that homeowners are loving. Layering in touches of gold can be as bold as statement lighting or as simplistic as vanity hardware, but a stand-out way to incorporate the finish in your home is through your plumbing fixtures. From the kitchen to the bathroom, GROHE’s Essence and Concetto Collections are now available in the scratch-resistant Brushed Cool Sunrise Finish. Go for the gold with Essence and Concetto for a rich and modern feature in your next home renovation project. 
sustainable options

Sustainable Design

A trend that is here to stay is strengthening our efforts to lead a sustainable lifestyle in and out of the home. Opting for bathroom and kitchen fixtures that have built-in eco-conscious features and longevity has become a must in modern homes. Whether it is water preservation through low-flow faucets or long-lasting design for less waste, GROHE keeps sustainability top of mind with all of its products. 

GROHE brings its proprietary EcoJoy and TurboStat Technology to a wide array of products, from SmartControl Shower Systems, that heat your water in a fraction of a second, to its contemporary lines of bathroom sink faucets that reduce water usage by up to 30% without sacrificing performance. The Essence and Eurocube Collections of toilets also bring an added layer of sustainable design with opinions for both ultra-low flushing or dual flush capabilities, saving you up to 20% more water than other conventional toilets. Now that’s a trend we can get behind!

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