Smart Showers: The Benefits Explained

smart showers

Smart Showers are the way of the future. Packed with endless innovative technologies, these forward-thinking fixtures aim to create a user-friendly, customizable, and luxurious shower experience that elevates your bathroom space. If you’re wondering how a smart shower can help to make your home more satisfying, safe, and sustainable, read on to learn about the unique benefits of GROHE’s Smart Shower products and why you will never choose another shower system again.
personalized shower

Enjoy A Personalized Shower

The biggest benefit of a Smart Shower is its ability to house and operate multiple functions and settings in one system. Controlling the water outlet, flow, spray pattern, and more, smart shower trims like the Grohtherm® SmartControl Triple-Function Thermostatic Valve Trim allow you to customize your shower to suit your personal needs and preferences. 

GROHE’s SmartControl shower systems can also easily switch between different water outlets like your shower head and handshower, or you can choose to operate them simultaneously for ultimate luxury and comfort. Once you have your ideal water temperature, flow, and outlets selected, SmartControl retains your settings so that the next time you take a shower, all you have to do is push a button to experience your personally crafted shower.
water flow

Consistent Water Temperatures and Flow

Showers are synonymous with relaxation. It’s a space where you can clear your mind and escape from the day-to-day stresses. But when you experience fluctuations in your water temperature and flow, you can quickly lose the element of tranquility. GROHE’s Smart Shower fixtures are equipped with advanced technologies to ensure a consistent shower experience from start to finish.

With its unrivaled sensitivity, GROHE TurboStat® technology featured in SmartControl systems like the Rainshower™ SmartControl Shower System, was designed to deliver water at the desired temperature within a fraction of a second – and keeps it consistent for the duration of your shower regardless of water pressure changes or outside elements. Our smart shower heads and hand showers like the Rainshower™ 310 SmartActive Showerhead utilize GROHE DreamSpray technology to maintain an even flow of water from every nozzle for a full, drenching spray that soothes and satisfies.

Family-Friendly Operation

If you have young children, seniors, or those with limited mobility in the family, having a shower system that is easy and safe to use is a must. Fortunately, Smart Showers combine specialized technology with unique design elements to create a family-friendly shower to help you worry less and enjoy more. Here are some of GROHE’s most innovative Smart Shower features built to make operation safe and effortless.


  • Push, Turn Operation - GROHE’s SmartControl shower systems make it quick to select your desired spray source and adjust the water volume with the simple push and turn of a button.

  • CoolTouch Technology - Developed for exposed thermostats like that designed for GROHE’s Euphoria CoolTouch® Thermostatic Shower System, CoolTouch technology uses an insulating sleeve that separates the hot water flow from the housing of the thermostat to ensure it stays cool to the touch and eliminates the risk of scalding. 

  • GROHE SafeStop - Featured in our Grohtherm® SmartControl shower trims, the GROHE SafeStop override button allows you to set a maximum temperature of 100° F/38° C to prevent uncomfortably hot water.

  • GROHE EasyLogic - Making the operation of the shower trims intuitive and easy to use, GROHE’s SmartControl trims feature GROHE EasyLogic markings and textured buttons with exchangeable symbols so family members of all ages can craft their perfect shower.

  • GROHE SmartTip™ - Used on the Rainshower™ SmartActive Handshower, the SmartTip button provides easy fingertip control over three spray patterns so you can select your ideal spray function with the touch of a single finger.
water consumption

Reduce Water Consumption

Living a sustainable and conscious lifestyle is becoming more common in today’s society, and Smart Showers help to achieve this in your everyday life. Aimed to reduce consumption while still producing superior performance, GROHE EcoJoy™ technology offers a reduced flow rate that uses 30% less water than standard shower faucets without compromising on enjoyment. Included in smart products such as the Rainshower™ 310 Smartconnect Shower Head with Remote, the Rainshower™ SmartActive Collection, and the Grohtherm® SmartControl Dual Function Thermostatic Valve Trim which allows you to switch from EcoJoy™ to full flow, you can craft a full Smart Shower set up that offers style, quality, and water-saving innovations.
modern design

Sleek And Modern Design

A Smart Shower doesn’t just offer unwavering technological benefits, it is also crafted with a sleek, modern design that will instantly add an element of personalized luxury to your bathroom space. The slim profile of GROHE’s SmartControl and Rainshower™ SmartActive collections offers a minimalist, streamlined aesthetic ideal for recreating a spa-like setting in your own bathroom. The fixtures are also equipped with a durable StarLight finish that will keep your shower shining bright and lustrous for years to come.

GROHE’s Smart Shower fixtures are also available in a variety of styles so you can choose the design that best suits your preferences and needs. Choose between an array of finish options, exposed or concealed thermostats, round or square spray head shapes, and so much more for a customized shower setup.

Ready to transform your life with Smart Showers? Learn more about how to build the luxury shower of your dreams.

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