Tech Savvy: How to Upgrade Your Home with GROHE Technology

How to Upgrade Your Home with GROHE Technology

Technology has made its way into our everyday lives, and now more than ever it helps to make our day-to-day tasks and home more efficient. GROHE prides itself on creating innovative water technologies that transform your bathroom and kitchen into effortlessly clean, sustainable, and convenient spaces you can love. Read more to learn how to upgrade your home with GROHE Technology. 
shower technology

Technology-Forward Shower Systems

Everyone has their own personal taste when it comes to creating their dream shower, and with the simple push and turn of a button, GROHE’s SmartControl Technology allows you to select the ideal water flow, outlet, and temperature to craft a customized shower experience that satisfies your needs.

Designed with technology at the forefront, shower systems like the Grohtherm SmartControl Triple Function Thermostatic Valve Trim are packed with high-tech innovations such as GROHE TurboStat®, which delivers your desired water temperature within a fraction of a second and maintains it throughout your shower. It also features the GROHE SafeStop override button which implements a maximum temperature of 100° F/38° C to prevent uncomfortably hot water - perfect for those with young children.
filtered kitchen faucets

Filtered Kitchen Faucets

A filtered kitchen faucet effortlessly adds convenience and sustainability to your home, providing you with clean water that eliminates the need for plastic water bottles to save on energy and CO² emissions. GROHE has taken filtered kitchen faucets to the next level with our GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling 2.0 Kitchen Faucet

GROHE Blue’s 5-step filtration process is made to remove even the slightest trace of impurities from the water, while retaining all the important minerals that benefit your health. Perfect for entertaining, it also features a high-performance cooler and carbonator to serve not only filtered water, but chilled still or sparkling water straight from the tap.
water saving technology

Water Saving Technology

GROHE makes it effortless to save water on a daily basis with its EcoJoy Technology. Built into GROHE’s bathroom faucets and shower fixtures, EcoJoy is a water flow-limiting feature that stops your tap from exceeding 5.8 litres of water per minute so you can mindlessly manage your household’s water consumption.
water leak detection

Water Leak Detection

Water damage can sneakily appear in your home and make a big dent on your wallet and water usage. Even a miniscule ⅛-inch crack in a pipe can release 946 litres of water per day. To help detect a problem before it happens and prevent substantial damage, GROHE developed the GROHE Sense Guard technology

From water leaks to burst pipes, the GROHE Sense Guard system monitors humidity and temperature to detect any excess water, then automatically shuts off the water to avoid further destruction. The Sense Guard can also help track your water usage so you can manage your water bill and ecological footprint. Place the device in high risk areas around your home (washing machine, dishwasher, etc.) and keep a piece of mind that your home is protected.
touch technology

Touch Technology

Everyone dreams of a spotless kitchen and with GROHE’s Touch Technology you can easily keep pesky fingerprints and smudges at bay. Kitchen faucets like the GROHE Minta™ Touch Kitchen Faucet Collection and GROHE Zedra Touch Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet are enhanced with GROHE Touch technology so that you can control your faucet with the lightest tap of a finger, hand, wrist, or forearm for minimal marks and bacteria spreading. The next time you are cooking raw chicken, making home-made pizza, or doing arts and crafts with young children, your faucet will stay sparkling so you can clean less and enjoy more.
Remote-Controlled Showerheads

Remote-Controlled Showerheads

A shower head is designed to deliver pure relaxation, but when you have trouble adjusting the toggle to your preferred spray, it’s less relaxing and more frustrating. Enter GROHE’s Rainshower 310 SmartConnect Shower Head, designed with a wireless remote control to effortlessly switch between three unique spray patterns for a more comfortable and enjoyable shower. The push-button remote can be located at eye level, eliminating the inconvenience of reaching high up to the shower head and creating a more accessible bathroom.

Learn more about upgrading to a Smart Home with GROHE technology HERE.

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